The mechanoluminescence (ML) of γ-irradiated Anchor ZnAl2O4: Dy phosphor has been studied. ZnAl2O4 samples having different concentrations of Dy were prepared by solution combustion technique by using hydrazine as a fuel. ML was excited impulsively by dropping a load onto the sample. Two distinct peaks have been observed in the ML intensity versus time curve. Maximum intensity is obtained for 0.1 mol% of Dy doped ZnAl2O4 phosphor. ML spectra of the phosphors show two distinct peaks around 482 nm and 585 nm which is characteristic emission of Dy 3+ . It is also observed that the ML intensity of the samples increases almost linearly with increasing mass of the sample and gamma ray doses given to the sample. Experimental results suggest that the ML excitation is related to the movement of dislocation with defect centres and it may be used for dosimeter applications.