Lithium iron oxide (LiFeO2) cathode material was prepared by using hydrothermal synthesis. The XRD spectrum exhibited predominant (200) orientation peak at 2q= 43.63o corresponding to cubic rock-salt structure with Fm3m space group and the estimated lattice parameter of the sample is 4.176 Å. Electric and dielectric properties were studied over a frequency range of 1 Hz – 1 MHz and in the temperature range from 300 K to 573 K. The ionic conductivity of the sample was found to be 1.9 x 10-6 S/m at 373 K. The temperature dependent conductivity was conformed from the Arrhenius relation and the activation energy was found to be 0.39 eV. A mixed, ionic and electronic conduction was observed from the analysis. The electrical conductivity was found to be decreased with increasing temperature. The dielectric properties were analyzed in the framework of complex dielectric permittivity and complex electric modulus formalisms. The evolution of the complex permittivity as a function of frequency and temperature was investigated. Several important parameters such as activation energy, ionic hopping frequency, carrier concentration, ionic mobility and diffusion coefficient etc, were determined.