I would like to congratulate the Editors for this impressive collection of contributions on the front line of nanomaterial research. The volume covers both fundamental materials science and innovative applications of nanomaterials. The different chapters with their extensive reference lists should serve as extremely good sources for new as well as already established researchers in the area. The whole book or parts of it may also serve as a text for Ph.D. and master courses on nanomaterials. Almost any “intelligent nanomaterial” can be found in the volume and some are described in several of the chapters. Perhaps, I would have expected to find more entrances to graphene, one of the “intelligent nanomaterials” of our time. This little remark cannot blur the fact, however, that Intelligent Nanomaterials, edited by Tiwari, Mishra, Kobayashi and Turner, is an exceptionally valuable reference book for many researchers and students in materials science, nano- and biotechnology.