A halophosphate based nanophosphor has been synthesized by wet chemical method. XRD confirms the preparation of nanophosphor and this article presents the luminescence properties of Ce 3+ and Eu 3+ activated Na2Sr2Al2PO4F9 under UV/NUV excitation. The photoluminescence spectrum comprises of a main peak in the range 270–350 nm with a shoulder in the range 350–370 nm, which may be ascribed to transitions from 5d–4f levels of cerium in the mixed host lattice (Na2Sr2Al2PO4F9). In Na2Sr2Al2PO4F9: Eu 3+ nanophosphor, orange/red luminescence under the near ultraviolet excitation of 393 nm, attributed to the transitions from 5D0 excited states to 7FJ (J=0–4) ground states of Eu 3+ ions.