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Biogenic Pod extract stabilized silver nanoparticles were synthesized by wet chemical route in negatively charged precursors. These green synthesized silver(0) nanoparticles with positive charges and neutralized by pod precursors had exhibited oval morphology, 21.5 nm. mean crystallite size and 462 nm. absorption band on the basis of UV-Vis., PXRD spectrometric and TEM analysis. The elemental composition and presence of silver(0) in pod extract flavonoid precursors of nanoparticles was proved on the basis of EDAX characterization. The positive surface capping and charges were estimated on the basis of FTIR and UV-Vis. Spectroscopy. The antibacterial testing of the nanoparticles had proved high surface interaction with gram negative bacteria than gram positive bacteria. The in vitro MTT assay for anticancer activity on MCF-7cells have been elaborated the better biocompatibility at 20 ppm. suspension than standard control drug and pod extract for nanoparticles, which were correlated to better positive charge on surface for interaction with highly negative charged breast cancer cells. Hence these biogenic stable silver nanoparticles had shown better ROS dependant biomedical property for cell particle interaction with synergistic and selective antibacterial and anticancer formulation property for selective biocompatibility.