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Polycrystalline bulk samples of chemical composition La1-xSrxVO4 (x = 0.0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) were prepared by solid state reaction method. The Morphology and structure wascharacterised by Scanning Electronic microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction respectively. All the prepared material were single-phase and co-doped ions were successfully incorporated in LaVO4 lattice. The EDAX spectrum shows that the percentage composition of given elements in the proposed formula was in good agreement with the corresponding values determined experimentally. The Raman spectra of LaVO4 reflect the VO4 type structure that consists of four different V–O bands. The prominent Raman band at about 860 cm -1 can be assigned to the symmetric V–O stretching mode while the weak Raman band at 792 cm -1 is assigned to antisymmetric V–O stretching mode. With increase in Sr doping, optical band gap was found to decrease resulting in increase in conductivity. The dielectric constant as well as dielectric loss shows a relaxor type of behaviour for higher doping concentration which can be attributed to the chemical pressure induced in LaVO4 with the doping of Sr ions. The studies performed on ac conductivity identifies that the conduction mechanism follows the charge hopping between localised states and follow the small polaron conduction.

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Structural, Optical and dielectric properties of Sr doped LaVO4