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The variation of thermoelectric properties of Zr2O3-In2O3-ZnO film system is reported here. The films are fabricated in a chemical composition satisfies the relation ZrxInxZn1-xO1-δ, (0.01≥ x ≥ 0.04), through spray pyrolysis technique. XRD analysis shows a switching of preferred crystal growth orientation from (002) to (100) and (101) planes as x increases.  The quasi spherical surface morphology was improved on the addition of the cations. A maximum Seebeck coefficient of -159 µV/K was obtained for x=0.01 at 400K. The decrease in the Seebeck coefficient for higher x values is explained with simplified broadband model. At elevated temperature power factor increased considerably up to 2.33 X 10-4 Wm-1K-2 for x=0.03 which was attributed to decrease in sheet resistance at high temperature.