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Thermodynamic and structural properties of compound forming binary liquid copper tin alloy at 1400K have been well analyzed as a function of concentration by considering Cu3Sn complex by using Quasi lattice model. The mixing behavior of the alloy is studied in detailed by giving more emphasis on the interaction energy parameters between neighboring atoms of the alloy. The study provides the information of moderately interacting as well as ordering nature on the entire range of concentration of the liquid alloy. Similarly transport and surface properties (viscosity surface tension) of the liquid have also been studied under statistical models; Budai-Banko-Kaptay model and Butler's approach. The computed theoretical thermodynamic data of 1400K are in good agreement with the corresponding experimental data. The viscosities and surface tension of the alloys computed predicts noticeable negative derivation from ideal case and these increase with increase in copper atoms in the alloy.