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The application of flax fiber is vast in the various fields in the world, the well-known in the area of as textiles many of the countries they used the flax fiber mixture with linen, traditionally used for making of bed sheets, underclothes and table linen. The specific properties of flax fiber responsible for the potential platform to next-generation structural applications in automobile and other consumer works. Due to its mechanical properties, flax fiber composites possess good strength and durability. In this review paper, the various proportion on evaluation of work done to know about the amount of research undergone with flax fiber composite in various fields. From this review paper, the utilization of flax fiber has gap in variety of applications in various fields. To identify the research gap and its utilization, quantum of work to be done in the all of the areas was analyzed in that 36% of work done on mechanical property, 30% in novel performance work like simulation and model analysis, 18% of work going on marine, aeronautical related applications and only 16% work carried out in structural related applications using flax fiber composite, flax fiber composite products are potentially used because of their lighter weight and lower cost. Most of the automobile components are replaced by flax fiber composite, these composite components are sound in the capability to reduce the weight for fuel efficiency. Other developing market applications such as tiles, marine piers and flower pots are now a day manufactured from flax fiber composite. In the future, the flax fiber will reduce the utilization of synthetic fiber, by producing an eco-friendly environment in all type of products, wherever replacement is possible with some synergic property.