Chopped Glass Fiber (CGF) manufactured by a specification of materials in glass fiber diameter 9 to 25 micron its formed silica-based formulations of glass. Is flexible, lightweight and durability without oxidation, CGF adds enough material quantity to resist the anticipated tensile loads. The hardened CGF composite mortars are inflated ductility resistant and absorbed upper load energy. CGF fiber compound mix materials consist of top strength, glass fiber implant in a cementitious matrix. CGF is another admixtures and alkali resistance. In this research evaluating the different percentages CGF mix with the cement mortar and test in different casted specimens. Appraised the specimens is increased ductility individuality, through the direct compression, tensile, elastic modules strength test. CGF mix cement mortar its high improvements of a (tensile) strength of the better composites. CGF fiber mix is a high mechanical properties consequence outcome. Con-currently fiber cement mortar composites are more efficiency of tensile and compression strength.

Graphical Abstract

Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Chopped Glass Fiber (CGF) Cement-Mortar Composites