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Shanghai Key Laboratory for R&D and Application of Metallic Functional Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 201804, China


Metallurgical bonding aluminum foam sandwich (AFS) was fabricated by specially designed method of solder pre-coating via hot-dip and heat-press assisted with vibration. Peeling test and three-point bending test were performed to investigate the joints strength and flexural strength of the AFS. The results show that the joints have steady mechanical properties, and the joint fabricated with ultrasonic vibration has much higher peeling moment and flexural strength than that prepared only by hot-press. Microstructure observations of the joints indicate a good metallurgical bonding between Al face sheet and foam core was achieved. The seam of AFS fabricated by hot-press assisted with ultrasonic vibration looks more compact and the bonding interface fused together firmly. The bonding faces of aluminum sheet and foam core are obviously corroded by melt ZnAl alloy and an obvious interdiffusion took placed during hot-dip process and hot-press, so the chemical compositions in the diffusion transitional zone are continuous.  However the seam of the AFS fabricated only by hot-press has visible macro-defects, and the worse is its bonding interface fused together partially, which severely degrades the bonding strength.

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Characterization and Behavior of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Fabricated by A Novel Approach Via Hot-Dip Process