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Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Medaille College, Buffalo, 14214, USA


The sensor response experiments of piezoceramic shear same poled d15 patches which are integrated in a composite sandwich beam-like structure and connected in parallel and series configurations are presented in this letter. The core of the smart structure is formed from four piezoceramic shear d15 patches arranged in the same polarization (SP) direction and sandwiched between two identical glass fiber/epoxy layers. The dynamic response of the composite structure was monitored using these four piezoceramic shear d15 patches acting as sensors in parallel and series configurations and the data were evaluated by a pulse-multianalyzer system. A charge amplifier was used as a signal conditioning circuit between the piezoceramic shear d15 patches and the pulse-multianalyzer system. The outputs of the piezoceramic shear sensor were in a short-circuit state with the use of the charge amplifier. The results are promising as the proof of using piezoceramic shear same-poled d15 patches to sense the response of beam-like composite structures.

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Piezoelectric d15 Shear-Mode Sensor in Parallel and Series Configurations