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1 Department of Automation and Computer Science, Technicka 2, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic

2 Department of Nuclear Medicine, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic


There are currently two opposing views on vitalized water. Some authors consider everything around vitalized water as a pseudo-science. On the contrary there are good and positive insight. In this article are the water properties described in detail. Water vortex and magnetic field of permanent magnets changes some of the water properties. It is different in vitalized water created by different water vitalizers. Next aim of the article is to describe 8 ways how we can obtain vitalized water, measure the physical properties of vitalized water (diamagnetism, wettability, surface tension and conductivity) and compare the efficiency of these 8 ways of changing behaviour of water. There are 8 types water vitalizers: 1) a connector with a hole for 2 PET bottles, 2) a connector with magnets added, 3) a magnetic vortex vitalizer for water tap, 4) a vitalizer for a bathtub in the bathroom, 5) vitalizer with a motor and magnetic stirrer, 6) vitalizer with balls, 7) vitalizer for watering gardens and removing settled minerals in heating pipes and regulating heads, 8) vitalizer with shungite. The article will explain what is the diamagnetism of water. The water's magnetic properties change most.

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Vitalized Water