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National Institute of Technology Nara College, Department of Control Engineering, 22, Yata-cho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, 639-1080, Japan


With the aging of society, accidental falls among the elderly are increasing. The main factor is the deterioration of balance due to the decrease in physical ability. Another key factor with elderly people is that the position of the body's center of gravity tends to sway from side to side while walking. To find a way to cope with falls in the elderly, we have developed a new gait training system that handles the central gap of gravity position with soles. Here, a new element consisting of silicone rubber and foam rubber is used for the insole of the shoe. By using this element, it is possible to measure the foot pressure distribution and adjust the change in element stiffness. Further, the measured data of the insole can be displayed on the terminal device. Also, this data can be stored on the server. Moreover, by operating the terminal device, the insole element is pressurized and the stiffness of the element can be adjusted. Further, the developed system enables real-time measurement of changes in foot pressure distribution during walking. In this paper, we show that the difference in walking patterns can be clarified.

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Study on a New Type of Walking Training System with Human Compatibility