The oral thrush caused by the cosmopolitan yeast Candida albicans causes pale white cottony patches in the oral regions especially among the Immuno deficient patients. The elderly patients with the diabetes were the main victims of the yeast thrush. The objective of our investigation is to collect the clinical thrush samples from the targeted elderly patients with type 2 diabetes between the age group of 58 to 75 and determine the antifungal activities of Salvia jordanii by employing the standard microbiological technique. The results procured were excellent for the antifungal susceptibility analysis of all five types of S. jordanii essential oil extracts. The MIC and MFC values of the extracts from the Jordanian, Syrian and Moroccan origin shown the same values, whereas the Libyan and Egyptian extract shown the slightly higher values. The nature blessed essential oil extracts got the potential to combat infections as well as to treat the oral thrush. These findings indicate that S. jordanii displays adequate activity against cosmopolitan yeast C. albicans in vitro & its merits. Further analysis to treat yeast associated diseases.  

Graphical Abstract

Antifungal Activity of Salvia jordanii Against the Oral Thrush Caused by the Cosmopolitan Yeast Candida albicans among Elderly Diabetic Type 2 patients