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Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials, Gammalkilsvägen 18, Ulrika 590 53, Sweden


In the past ten years, Advanced Materials Congress, AMC, has gone through a glorious journey. The congress has achieved a lot in a decade, and, in the upcoming decades, the AMC is all set to launch new assemblies to move further ahead in its pursuit of expanding the scope of Advanced Materials. In the AMC assemblies, the International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM, offers education and research forums for advancing materials to global excellence. By February 2020, IAAM has successfully organized 32 assemblies of AMC in the four major continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. In these ten years, the Advanced Materials Congress, AMC, has facilitated one of the largest global platforms for advanced materials researchers to discuss the trends of this field. In the new decade, it is the sincerest hope of IAAM to establish inland assemblies and forums for enriching the contemporary disciplines for the larger benefits of the society. The attempts of IAAM take a lead further to stimulate the advancement of materials towards sustainable and green world by 2030.

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Advanced Materials Congress Celebrating 10th Years of Establishment