Document Type : Perspective Article



Pandemics have threatened human civilization time and again. Currently, the whole world is dealing with COVID-19, a never seen situation in a hundred years, after the deadly Spanish Flu during 1918-1920. With no specific medicines or vaccines, the best way to keep infections under control is by maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing, as per WHO guidelines. Hygiene and sanitization are ensured with clean water, a highly stressed resource in today's times. In this perspective, we try to cover the immediate management of water resources and sanitation facilities in stalling the spread of the pandemic. Further, suggestions regarding robust water and sanitation infrastructure and management practices have been discussed that can be adopted by the administration and modified as per local requirements. This pandemic is no less than a disaster, though not natural, but ecological. Past epidemics are pointing towards an increase in the occurrence of a public health crisis of current magnitude and more. This calls for a paradigm shift towards development and preparedness.