Semiconducting CuS thin films were successfully prepared by Successive Ionic Layered Adsorption Reaction technique at room temperature with and without using complexing reagent viz.  hydrazine hydrate (H6N2O(N2H2),tri ethanol amine (C6H15NO3 ) and ammonia (NH3) . The structural studies revealed that; the crystallinity of the film can be tailored by using complexing agent. The dc electrical resistivity measured in the temperature range 370–473 K confirmed its semiconducting nature of CuS and it varies depending on complexing reagent. The optical absorption measurements were studied in the wavelength range 350–950 nm . The thermo-emf measurements confirmed that the films prepared are semiconducting in nature with p-type conductivity. 

Graphical Abstract

The Effect of Complexing Reagent on Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of CuS Thin Film