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1 Department of Physics, Vivekananda Degree College, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560055, India

2 Department of Science, Government Polytechnic, Tumkur, Karnataka 572103, India

3 Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka 572103, India

4 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Kuvempu University, Post-Graduate Centre, Kadur, Karnataka 572103, India


Cu2O and Ag-Cu2O nanoparticles were prepared via reflux method using EDTA. From the PXRD, FTIR, UV-DRS studies the synthesized NPs were characterized. The morphologies of the prepared NPs were studied by SEM and TEM analysis. The synthesized NPs were tested for photocatalytic and photoluminescence studies. The PXRD data indicated that the synthesized nanoparticles belong to cubic phase structure and space group Pn-3m. The SEM data revealed that cube like structure were obtained. Cu2O and Ag-Cu2O Nps were taken for determine the photocatalytic activity study on methylene blue dye, the results indicated that Ag-Cu2O NPs exhibited promising photocatalytic activity. This is due to occurrence of Ag particles on the Cu2O material, which makes the catalyst more sensitive. Furthermore, a photoluminescence study reveals that Cu2O and Ag-Cu2O nano particles shown yellow light emission. Copyright © VBRI Press.

Graphical Abstract

Synthesis of Cu2O/Ag Composite Nanocubes with Promising Photoluminescence and Photodegradation Activity over Methylene Blue Dye