The biggest challenge that the world stands across in the 21 st century is environmental degradation. Terms like ‘climate change’ and ‘energy crisis’ have never been more familiar. One of the main reasons behind this are the conventional vehicles that work only on an internal combustion engine by consuming fossil fuels and emit harmful gases like nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, and the hydrocarbons. With every passing day, the environmental issues are becoming more and more serious. Especially in the densely populated areas, the gas emissions from the conventional vehicles have become the main source of air pollution. These gas emissions are also the main contributor to the outdoor air pollution that eventually leads to as many as 6.5 million deaths around the world every year. In fact, the transportation sector is also the main contributor to GHG emissions that cause Global Warming. According to the International Energy Agency, the transportation sector contributes as much as 25% of the total CO2 emissions annually.

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Current Global Scenario of Electric Vehicles