In the present paper, we synthesized the CdS hollow spheres by using PMMA sphere templates of 298-301 nm diameters and 20-51 nm of shell thickness. A CdS hollow sphere was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), optical absorption and photoluminescence technique. CdS products are all cubic face-centered structure with the cell constant a = 5.815 Å. We also explore the morphology, structure and possible synthesis mechanism. A possible template mechanism has been proposed for the production of the hollow CdS nano-particles. The band gap of bulk CdS is about 2.45 eV, showing an absorption onset of bulk at about 513 nm. This shows a blue shift in the absorption spectra due to the quantum size effect, which is quite possible due to the small size of the CdS nano crystals as is evident in XRD pattern. The diameter of the beads is about 265-310 nm. The change in beads size due to the CdS over-layer is not so apparent in structures, due to its small thickness. The average diameter of the sphere is similar to that of the beads. Therefore, the spherical shells were obtained after the removal of PMMA core.