Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were in-situ coated with anatase TiO2 via sol-gel process followed by annealing of the composites using infrared (IR) lamp. SEM results showed that MWNTs were coated with 15-45 nm thick TiO2 layer depending on the composite ratios. Based on the XRD results, MWNTs were found to show heterogeneous nucleation for anatase TiO2 and promote the formation of larger anatase TiO2 crystalline particles with higher crystalline degree. The UV-Vis- NIR characterization indicated the MWNTs also enhanced the sensitivity of TiO2 matrix for both UV and visible light, and the bond edge absorption position of the TiO2  composites shifted toward higher wavelengths with the decrease of MWNTs content. The method could be utilized to fabricate MWNTs /TiO2 composites conveniently.