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Fabrication and characterization of nano-bridge Josephson junction based on Fe0.94Te0.45Se0.55 thin film

Jia Lu; Wen Zhang; Zheng Wang; Xiaoming Ma; Shicai Shi; Lei Yan; Hong Ding

Volume 10, Issue 5 , May 2019, , Pages 319-323


  Nano-bridge Josephson junction has been fabricated with Fe0.94Te0.45Se0.55 (FTS) thin films by using focused ion beam etching (FIB). Electrical properties of the Josephson effects of the nano-bridge have been deeply studied. Current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of the junction exhibit resistively and ...  Read More

Fabrication and characterization of nano-bridge Josephson junction based on Fe<sub>0.94</sub>Te<sub>0.45</sub>Se<sub>0.55</sub> thin film

T-x-y-z phase diagrams assembling: Na2MoO4-Na2CrO4-Na2WO4-Na2SO4, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn, Fe-Ni-Co-FeS-NiS-CoS  

Vasily I Lutsyk; Vera P Vorob’eva; Anna E Zelenaya

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 53-57


  The T-x-y-z diagrams of quaternary Na2MoO4-Na2CrO4-Na2WO4-Na2SO4, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn systems and their four-dimension (4D) computer models are considered. Geometric constructions of these diagrams are described by special di-, uni- and invariant states schemes. Assumed liquidus of the Fe-Ni-CoFeS-NiS-CoS ...  Read More

T-x-y-z phase diagrams assembling: Na<sub>2</sub>MoO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>CrO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>WO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn, Fe-Ni-Co-FeS-NiS-CoS  

Synthesis Of Nanostructured Iron-antimonate and Its Application In Liquefied Petroleum Gas sensor

Satyendra Singh; B. C. Yadav; Archana Singh; Prabhat K. Dwivedi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , April 2012, , Pages 154-160


  In this paper we report the synthesis of iron-antimonate (FeSbO4) via co-precipitation method for the LPG sensing application. X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX) were used to confirm the crystal structure, crystallite size, surface ...  Read More