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Porous TiNi-based Material And Infrared Radiation In Needle-free Treatment Of Diabetic Patients

Gunther S.V; Dambaev G.Ts; Chekalkin T.L; Kang J-H; Kim J-S; Gunther V.E

Volume 7, Issue 9 , September 2016, , Pages 713-718


  Despite the prescribed benefits of insulin widely used in treating diabetes, patients still feel the inconvenience and perceived pain related to multiple daily administrations by needle insulin injections. Approved inhaled insulin of the second generation has not so far achieved expectations. Design ...  Read More

Effect Of Cobalt Addition On Shape Memory Effects In Porous TiNi - Based Alloys Obtained By Reaction And Diffusion Sintering

Yasenchuk Yu. F.; Artyukhova N. V.; Chekalkin T. L; Anikeev S. G.; Kim Ji-Soon; Kang Ji-Hoon; Gunther V. E

Volume 7, Issue 8 , August 2016, , Pages 630-634


  Modern medical technologies have developed many new devices that can be implanted into humans to repair, assist or take the place of diseased or defective bones, arteries and even organs. The materials, especially porous ones, used for these devices have evolved steadily over the past twenty years with ...  Read More