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 Structural, Optical And Electrical Properties Of Cu(InGa)SeTe Device With The Varying Laser Pulses

Abhay Kumar Singh; R. Ganesan; Jong Tae Park

Volume 6, Issue 6 , June 2015, , Pages 513-517


  Next-generation high-performance heterojunction photovoltaic (PV) modules can be fabricated with an appropriate active layer material. Therefore, it is worth to examine physical properties of the recent developed Cu25(In16Ga9)Se40Te10 (CIGST) material for the potential photovoltaic application. This, ...  Read More

Optical Behaviour Of CdS Nanorods Dispersed In Liquid Crystal

J.S. Roy; T. Pal Majumder; R. Dabrowski; B.K. Mahato; A. Barman

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2015, , Pages 47-50


  The optical properties of CdS nanorods have been modified in presence of antiferroelectric liquid crystals (AFLC). The effective refractive index of the CdS nanorods has been increased from 2.468 to 2.499 due to presence of AFLC molecules. The change in optical band gap of the CdS nanorods dispersed ...  Read More

Bio- Polymer Assisted Solvothermal Growth And Optical Characterization Of CdS Nanostructures

J. S. Roy; K. Pal; T. Pal Majumder

Volume 5, Issue 9 , September 2014, , Pages 538-542


  Various nanostructured CdS samples have been synthesized with assistance of starch (bio-polymer) by solvothermal method. We have synthesized nano-regime, nanorods and nanoparticles by simply changing the starch-solvent combinations. The highly polymeric (branched) structure of starch capped the CdS samples ...  Read More