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T-x-y-z phase diagrams assembling: Na2MoO4-Na2CrO4-Na2WO4-Na2SO4, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn, Fe-Ni-Co-FeS-NiS-CoS  

Vasily I Lutsyk; Vera P Vorob’eva; Anna E Zelenaya

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 53-57


  The T-x-y-z diagrams of quaternary Na2MoO4-Na2CrO4-Na2WO4-Na2SO4, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn systems and their four-dimension (4D) computer models are considered. Geometric constructions of these diagrams are described by special di-, uni- and invariant states schemes. Assumed liquidus of the Fe-Ni-CoFeS-NiS-CoS ...  Read More

T-x-y-z phase diagrams assembling: Na<sub>2</sub>MoO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>CrO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>WO<sub>4</sub>-Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>, Fe-Ni-Co-Cu, Pb-Cd-Bi-Sn, Fe-Ni-Co-FeS-NiS-CoS  

Investigations of nanostructured three-phase-foams and their application in foam concretes – A summary

Christina Kr

Volume 8, Issue 11 , November 2017, , Pages 1072-1079


  Recently, a new approach was developed and published which focuses on the preparation of inorganic foams and their application in foam concrete production. Through the incorporation of nanostructured pozzolans in the foam structure, so-called three-phase-foams show a higher stability than foams only ...  Read More

Effect of hafnium addition on wear resistance of zinc-aluminum 5 alloy: A three-dimensional presentation  

Adnan I. O. Zaid; Ahmad O. Mostafa

Volume 8, Issue 9 , September 2017, , Pages 910-915


  ZAMAK 5 alloy is known to solidify in a large grain dendritic structure, which negatively affects its mechanical properties and surface quality. It is therefore of prime importance to reduce its grain size in order to overcome these drawbacks. In this paper, the effect of addition of hafnium (Hf) on ...  Read More