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Substrate integrated circular cavity resonator filled with nano-fibrillated cellulose for humidity detection

Majid Ndoye; Benoit Bideau; Aina Heritiana Rasolomboahanginjatovo; Éric Loranger; Dominic Deslandes; Frédéric Domingue

Volume 10, Issue 6 , June 2019, , Pages 400-404


  In this work, a novel microwave sensor fully based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology filled with nano-fibrillated cellulose for humidity detection is presented for the very first time. The proposed structure consists of a circular SIW cavity resonator perturbed by the inclusion of nano-fibrillated ...  Read More

Substrate integrated circular cavity resonator filled with nano-fibrillated cellulose for humidity detection

Polyaniline Niobium Pentoxide Composite As Humidity Sensor At Room Temperature

S. Kotresh; Y. T. Ravikiran; S.C. Vijaya Kumari; H.G. Raj Prakash; S. Thomas

Volume 6, Issue 7 , July 2015, , Pages 641-645


  In this present work, Polyaniline (PANI) and Polyaniline-Niobium Pentoxide (PANI-Nb2O5) composite were synthesized separately at room temperature by chemical polymerization of aniline without/with Nb2O5. Comparative study of XRD pattern of PANI and the composite confirms superficial deposition of PANI ...  Read More

Fabrication Of Ultra-sensitive Optical Fiber Based Humidity Sensor Using TiO2 thin Film

S. K. Shukla; G. C. Dubey;Ashutish Tiwari; Anand Bharadvaja; G. K. Parashar; A. P. Mishra

Volume 3, Issue 5 , November 2012, , Pages 365-370


  Thin films of titanium dioxide in anatase form have been prepared using isobutyl titanate as precursor. The resulting TiO2 was coated on an U-shaped pyrex glass rod to sense the humidity of a controlled humid environment using optical fiber approach. The humidity sensing characteristics and the sensing ...  Read More

Synthesis And Characterization Of Highly Crystalline Polyaniline Film Promising For Humid Sensor

S.K. Shukla; Anand Bharadvaja; Ashutosh Tiwari; G.K. Parashar; G.C. Dubey

Volume 1, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 129-134


  Polyaniline (PANI) was prepared in emeraldine via chemical oxidation method using CuSO4 as initiating agent. The chemical characterizations were made using UV-vis (ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry), FT-IR (Fourier transform spectroscopy), TG-DTA (thermo-gravimetric/differential thermal analysis), ...  Read More