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Radiation engineered copper nanoparticles immobilised catalytic reactor (Cu-NICaR) system

Swarnima Rawat; Nilanjal Misra; Virendra Kumar; Shubhangi Atmaram Shelkar; Narender Kumar Goel; Rakesh Kumar Singhal; Lalit Varshney

Volume 9, Issue 10 , October 2018, , Pages 684-691


  A robust and reusable Copper Nanoparticles Immobilised Catalytic Reactor (Cu-NICaR) system was fabricated by immobilising Copper Nanoparticles (Cu NPs) onto a radiation functionalized polymer support. Gamma radiation induced simultaneous irradiation grafting process was employed for introducing poly-glycidyl ...  Read More

Radiation engineered copper nanoparticles immobilised catalytic reactor (Cu-NICaR) system

A Comparative Study Of Gamma, Electron Beam, And Synchrotron X-ray Irradiation Method For Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles In PVP 

Nilanjal Misra; Jayashree Biswal; V. P. Dhamgaye; G. S. Lodha; S. Sabharwal

Volume 4, Issue 6 , June 2013, , Pages 458-463


  A one-pot synthesis method has been developed for preparation of silver nanoparticles in aqueous poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) solution by synchrotron X-ray radiation. The hydrated electrons (eaq - ) and hydrogen atom radical (H·), products of radiolysis of water molecules by synchrotron X-rays ...  Read More